Q: My child is around 2-3 years old, is it too early to start?

A: It's all depends on you and your child, but here are somethings that dance would do for your child: a mommy and me class works on a few great things, it will work on some gross motor skills by using songs and gestures and tonality by teaching your child to jump around and be active. The main objective is for the kids to have fun with their inner dancer, be social and learn how to take turns and basic directions. Doing this with a parent is fun for both of you and is a great transition for other dance classes and school settings.

Q: What is creative movement?
A: Creative movement is almost like a pre-ballet course. Fun images and games are used to introduce the basic ideas of ballet such as: positions, plies, stretching and posture. Students begin to learn to remember simple choreography and dance steps.

Q: What will my child learn in ballet?
A: The ballet class is a little more advanced in terms of steps, patterns and etiquette. Students begin learning how to perform barre work, remember more complex choreography and begin to internalize class structures.

Q: Why dance?
A: Besides being fun exercise, dance challenges not only a student's body but also their mind. Dance can improve memory, coordination, rhythm, and students tend to build some great friendships. There's even some interesting research out there to suggest that dance can help with attention disorders and academic performance!

Q: Do we have to be serious about dance?
A: It's all up to you! Our goal as  teachers is to foster a long term appreciation of dance and art, that could mean studying seriously or going to see a show once and a while. There are lots of different ways to enjoy dance throughout our lives.